Saturday, December 31, 2011

About Furrydance Cornish Rex Cattery

Bred for quality. Raised with love. Shown with pride.

In 2011, I ‘retired’ from breeding Cornish Rex, so the Cattery is closed, but I will always share my life with these special cats.

My experience as a Veterinary Technician and my 22 years of breeding Cornish Rex gives me an insight to the health and care of these unique cats that I will continue to foster and promote. 

I am keeping this blog active for that reason, in the interest of helping all Cornish Rex owners care for them (and cats in general).

Furrydance was a small cattery, located in Northern Virgina just outside of Washington, D.C. I had been breeding Cornish Rex exclusively since 1988, and shared my home with two breeding females, one stud male, my special retired showcat and a Sphynx cat, Disco NoFurNo, to keep the Rexes entertained. Those kitties are now retired, and four of them - Sammy, Coco, Brighton and Disco will be my lifelong companions!

I bred my cats with health and temperament foremost in mind to produce strong, stable and loving kittens. I screened my breeding cats annually for heart soundness, and they all got annual wellness exams and lab work including tests for contagious diseases and internal parasites. I did not give my own vaccinations, but preferred for my veterinarian to see them for their physicals and vaccinations when needed.

I planned two to three litters a year, and I waited until there were kittens reserved before I bred them. That way, I knew we had good homes for the kittens before they were born. This also gave me the chance to become familiar with a prospective pet owner and what they wanted and desired in a new kitten. Then I worked with them to pick a kitten whose looks and personality would enable it to fit perfectly into its new owner's lifestyle.

I chose homes for our cats very carefully. I continue to be available for any questions or problems that may arise after a new owner takes home one of my cats. Maintaining this ongoing relationship is very important to me.

The cost of my pet quality kittens included the cost of spaying/neutering and microchipping, all performed before it was adopted. Occasionally, I had an older kitten or an adult cat for which I negotiated on the price, accordingly. I kept my kittens until they were 4 months old, were completely weaned, vaccinated, neutered or spayed, micro chipped, and old enough to be shipped by air safely. 

Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any further questions or are interested in learning more about the Cornish Rex breed.

                   email me at furrydance at gmail dot com