Cornish Rex Seeking Forever Homes

Update: The kitties below have found new homes, so I have no kitties currently available, but thought I would leave their story up so you can see a typical situation when a cat is returned to me...

Dottie and Spottie have found their forever home, with a Vet Tech!

March 2014

Currently, we have two kitties that are looking for forever homes.

Each of these cats were bred by me, and went off to their new homes as kittens, but circumstances changed in their families lives, and per my contract, they were returned to me so I could get to know them again, and catch them up with all their veterinary care before beginning to seek new forever homes for them.

Kely and her daughter Bebe were returned to me in April 2013 when their family gave them up when a new baby arrived on the scene. The mother was overwhelmed with motherhood, and gave them to a friend without letting me know in advance (or I would have taken them in right then). When they came back home to them, they had picked up a parasite and were relegated to the basement where the husband was to scoop the boxes and medicate them.

Neither were happening as they should have been, and that's when the mom called me to ask if I could take them both back. Of course, I said yes and they brought them back home to me, along with funds to take care of their vet care, which was much appreciated. 

I took them both into the cat hospital where I worked at the time, and caught them all up on vet care and lab tests and dental work, as well as completing their deworming. I have gotten to know them again and they are sweet, loving girls and would so love to find a home where they could get the love and attention they deserve. 

I have decided that Kely will stay here with me, and be a 'clinic cat'  where I work during the day, so she can get lots of extra love and attention from clients and staff!

Bebe has found her forever home with a teacher in Ohio!

Kely is 13 years old, so kind of a Grannie Cat, but she is in excellent health and as playful as a kitten. Bebe is 10 years old and a little more anxious and shy, but oh, how she loves to be petted and snuggle under the covers with you!

As these two girls are older, I would only ask an Adoption Fee of $100 each for them, and of course, they would come with all their veterinary records, beds, blankets and toys, and a month's supply of the food they are on, too.  I would like to place them locally, so they don't have to fly far away.

If you would like to learn more about these kitties, please email me at, and we can make plans to chat on the phone about them.

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