Furrydance Cattery Breeding Program

We bred Cornish Rex exclusively from 1988 to 2011. We bred with health and temperament foremost in mind to produce strong, stable and loving kittens. Teri has been a Veterinary Technician since 1971, and we feel that this experience helped make us more informed, knowledgeable and conscientious breeders.

We screened our breeding cats annually for heart soundness, and they all got annual wellness exams and lab work, including tests for contagious diseases and internal parasites. We do not give our own vaccinations, but preferred for our veterinarian to see them for physical and vaccinations when

FurryDance breeding cats (now retired)

Angelwaves Undeniably Sentimental "Sammy" (above) has a very lithe and muscular body and has kept his coat well into maturity, both traits that make him an excellent choice for a sire. He is a little reserved with strangers, but that also enabled him to accept his confinement as a stud male without much stress or complaint. He gets along well with the other neutered males in the house, so he is lucky to be able to have companions to keep him happy and content. He is respectful of the females and was not too aggressive when breeding, another nice attribute for a stud male.

FurryDance Gweek "Kiki" (below) is a tortoiseshell with a thick, wavy coat. Her mother Dolly was a dilute calico and her father Taddy a red tabby. While a little stockier than some Cornish Rex, she is well-balanced and was successful in the show ring until she matured and decided being handled by judges was not to her liking. 

So, we let her "retire" from showing and she was a wonderful mother to her kittens and a sweet companion for us.

FurryDance Colours Cove "Coco" (below) is a brown patched tabby, and her greyhound style and striking coloration are her strong points. Her mother Kely was also and brown patched tabby and her father was also Taddy, a red tabby. While Kiki is more moderate in type, Coco is very racy looking. She too has been in the show ring, but began losing coat when she started coming in to heat, so we decided to let her try being a mommy. 

Coco turned out to be a devoted mother and is an outgoing, personality plus kitty! She continues to rule the roost here with us.

Kiki and Coco, both of whom were born at Furry Dance Cattery, are excellent examples of the breed. They have been ultrasounded HCM free, as has our stud male, Sammy, and we were proud for them to be part of our breeding program. Kiki and Coco have the same fathers, but different mothers, so they gave us the "look" we like and the wonderful temperaments of their parents. 
Kiki is now living with one of her 'kids' in Maryland, and has found the perfect home to spend her golden years in, being a pampered pet and keeping her son in line!

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