About the Cornish Rex Breed

What Makes a Cornish Rex Distinctive?

Delightfully, distinctively different. Some say they look like a cat from another planet, or an armadillo, or even like something that lives in a tree in the South American rain forests!

Despite it's fragile appearance, the Cornish Rex is a muscular, athletic cat, with a ballet dancer's abilities.

The body is small to medium in size. It's long, slender torso and naturally arched back gives the Cornish Rex cat the look of a Greyhound, right down to the thighs that look like drumsticks and the long, whippy tail.

The head of a Cornish Rex is also a study in curves. In profile, it is egg-shaped, with two convex arcs. It's Roman nose makes for a very regal appearance. High, chiseled cheek bones, high-set ears and intense oval eyes give the face an hour-glass appearance.

Lacking the insulation of coarser guard hairs found in other breeds, a Cornish Rex is very warm to the touch, and the coat feels surprisingly velvety and soft, with tight, evenly marcelled waves over the entire body, including the legs and tail. Even the whiskers are curly!

The Cornish Rex cat is unique in many ways, and just one of them is physical. These cats are personality plus! And each one is an individual; it would be doing them a disservice to generalize. Suffice it to say, once you own a Rex, it's a lifelong affair!

Here is the link to the Cat Fanciers Association Cornish Rex breed profile: CFA Cornish Rex Breed Profile

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